How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Photo Editing?

When it comes to branding and digital distribution, looks are everything. The way you present yourself and your products online can influence or affect purchasing decisions and brand perception.

It’s not enough to just take great photos of your people and products. You need to make sure that these images are displayed when they are posted on your website.

Because of this, it’s worth paying someone to edit photos. A professional photo editor or retoucher can make your images more attractive and ultimately improve your marketability.

That said, if you need creative photo editing or are very picky about keeping your images branded, it can make sense to bring someone to your home as long as you can justify the cost.

What goes into photo editing pricing?

To understand why photo editing companies or contractors charge for their work, it is helpful to look at the components that are used in photo retouching. Here are some of the costs and considerations associated with image editing:

Labor costs

You have to pay the people to do the job and your fees depend largely on your experience and skill level. At the lower end are those who can handle basic edits like blemish removal or backgrounds while the upper ones do. more advanced edits like image transformations and other complex forms of retouching.

Also consider the location of the provider. Businesses or freelancers based in an area with a low cost of living will be cheaper than those operating from a major city in North America or Europe.


Another thing to think about is the contractor’s equipment and software. Those using specialized or sophisticated tools will likely charge more than photo editors who use basic hardware and software.

Project complexity

The task of “cleaning up” an image seems simple, but it can be a lot of work depending on the type of product you need to touch up and the type of edits you have made.

Simple tasks like removing the background or removing spots cost significantly less than more complicated tasks like placing the subject in a different background / environment or combining different images.

The subject of the photo also influences the degree of difficulty – and the cost – of the project: Products with simple shapes and clear, hard borders (e.g. smartphone or laptop) are easier to edit compared to fluffy products such as soft toys.

Turnaround time

Some contractors may charge more if there is a short deadline. So expect an additional express fee if you need your changes within a few hours or days. Get a Quote in 45 Minutes (or Less!) Our prices start at 25 ¢ per image, and you can always pay more for projects in a rush.


How many photos do you need to edit? Some vendors offer discounts for high volume projects so you pay less per photo for large orders. You can get discounted photo editing services by purchasing editing credits. And if you want to edit thousands of photos per year, you can contact us directly to arrange a volume discount.

Pricing structures for photo retouching

The amount you spend on photo retouching also depends on your provider’s pricing structure. Some photo retouching , like us, charge per photo. This is a simpler way of pricing that makes budgeting easier. Others charge an hourly rate, and there are companies that use a monthly or batch subscription model for their services.


Clipping Path

Starts from
$0.30Per Image

Image Masking

Starts from
0.45Per Image

Shadow Creation

Starts from
0.50Per Image

Ghost mannequin

Starts from
$0.50Per Image

Photo Retouch

Starts from
$0.75Per Image

Photo Color Correction

Starts from
$0.60Per Image

Ecommerce Store Image Edit

Starts from
$1.25Per Image

360 Degree Photo Edit

Starts from
$1.00Per Image

Automobile Image Edit

Starts from
$0.80Per Image
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